Alissa Thai Massage & Beauty located in the heart of Toowong.

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Alissa Traditional Thai Massage (without oil)

This ancient massage technique (also known as yoga massage)
has been handed down through the centuries. Based on the
application of pressure along the energy lines of the body, together
with the stretching of the muscles, Thai massage stimulates energy
flow and eases muscles, replacing tension and stress with a feeling
of energy and peace.
(30min / $45), (60min / $75), (90min / $115)

Alissa Royal Thai Oil Massage

Experience the benefits of massage and individually chosen natural
organic oil that helps strengthen the nervous system; promote good
health and emotional well-being.
(30min / $45), (60min / $75), (90min / $115)


Swedish Relaxation Massage

This ultimate relaxing massage, specifically, uses the smoothing
hand movements to work into muscles and soft tissue to relief
stress and tension. This massage will promote overall well-being
with a medium in pressure
(30min / $45), (60min / $75), (90min / $115)

Sport Massage (Deep Tissue)

This massage is a special form of massage and is typically used before,
during, and after athletic events. The purpose of the massage is to
prepare the athlete for peak performance, to drain away fatigue,
to relieve swelling, to reduce muscle tension, to promote flexibility and
to prevent injuries.
(30min / $45), (60min / $75), (90min / $115)



Alissa Thai Herbal Ball Massage

Thai herbal compress ball is a bag of Thai herbs specially those
contain essential oils when expose to heat will give out the aromas
and oil at the same time. There are zingiber, curcuma longa, zedoary,
lemongrass, kaffir lime and camphor. It is the old Thai tradition medicinal
can be used along with Thai massage after the massaging is done.
(30min / $55), (60min / $80), (90min / $130)

Alissa Hot Stone Massage

The ultimate massage experience with the mixture of the heated lava
stone, essential oils and massage techniques allows for loosening up
muscles that have been knotted for the last century.
(30min / $55), (60min / $80), (90min / $130)


Body & Beauty Treatments



Alissa Signature Facial Treatment

Skin pores blocked with blackheads will quickly suffocate your skin,
leaving it feeling and looking dull and tired. This treatment includes
double cleansing, exfoliation, deep cleansing masque, mineral
supplementing facial massage, customized masque, toning,
eye care and treatment moisturizing which will ensure that your skin
receives everything it needs to keep it looking its best.
(60min / $90) 

Alissa Body Exfoliation and Massage

The body exfoliation and massage will leave your skin feeling silky
smooth and relaxed. Includes soothing body polish then spoil your
skin with a full body massage of your choice.
(60min / $90), (90min / $139) 

Alissa Express Facial Treatment

This treatment will clean, firm and revitalize your skin as a “must do”
on your beauty indulgence list on a regular basis in order to keep
your skin healthy and all you need is 30 minutes.
(30min / $55)

Alissa Eyebrow & Lash Tint with Soothing Eye Treatment

Designed to focus around the areas of the eyes to treat dark circles,
puffy eyes, dry skin and crows feet. The highlight of this treatment is
an eyebrow sculpture with lash tint that will enhance your features.
(30min / $55)


Hand/Foot Massage & Spa


Thai Reflexology Foot Massage and Spa

This treatment can relieve pain and stiffness caused by strenuous exercise and will assist with blood circulation. Your system will be boosted and the body's function will naturally turn to homeostasis.
(30min / $55), (60min / $90), (90min / $139)

Detoxing and Paraffin Wax Treatment

The treatment can be an incredibly powerful health. Paraffin wax
treatments are luxurious spa treatments that are intended to moisturize
and soften the skin.
(30min / $55)

Waxing & Tinting


Facial Waxing Male   Female

Nostrils $15   $10
Ears $25   $20
Eyebrows $25   $20
Upper Lip $15   $10
Face & Sides $25   $20
Chin $35   $15
Body Waxing Male   Female

Front Neck $25   $20
Back Neck $25   $20
Shoulders $30   $15
Upper Back $35   $20
Lower Back $30   $20
Back - Upper and Lower $60   $35
Shoulders and Full Back $70   $45
Chest $35   $20
Nipples $10   $10
Abdomen $35   $20
Chest and Abdomen $60   $40
Shoulders, Back, Chest & Abdomen $120   $90
Bikini $30   $20
G-String $50   $40
Brazilian $80   $65
Pre-wax Clipping $15   $10
Bottom $30   $20



Leg Waxing Male   Female

Any Half Leg $35   $30
Full Leg $65   $65
Feet and Toes $10   $10
Arm Waxing Male   Female

Any Half Arm $35   $30
Full Arm $60   $60
Underdarm $25   $20
Hands $15   $10
Tinting     Female

Eyebrow Tint     $10
Eyelash Tint     $20
Eyebrows & eyelash tint     $25
Eyebrows & eyelash style     $30
Eyelash tint & sculpture     $40



Waxing Packages Male Female

Eyebrow and Upper Lip $35 $25
Eyebrow, Upper Lip and Chin $55 $35
Face with Beard $50 $40
Half Leg with Bikini $60 $50
Full Leg with Bikini $75 $65
Half Leg with G-String $70 $60
Full Leg with G-String $85 $75
Half Leg with Brazilian $105 $95
Full Leg with Brazilian $120 $110
Fully Body $250 $230
Full Body - including Brazilian $300 $270


Note : The above waxing prices can vary at the time of treatment depending on the length and volume of hair.